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Reintroduction of allergens in your child's diet

When your child seems to tolerate a once forbidden food, you will be allowed to reintroduce it in his or her diet. There will be a period during which you will have to follow a very specific schedule; for example, my daughter had to eat 1/4 cooked egg a day for 1 month and then 1/2 egg a day for another month, and later on we introduced 2/3 egg twice a week! Not only will you have to be very precise when preparing the food but you will also have to be very organized keeping the schedule. The biggest challenge will be to find a way to get your child to eat a once forbidden and dangerous food regularly, and all of this overnight!

Reintroducing food in your child's diet can be more or less complicated depending on the food. Here are some tips to reintroduce cooked eggs in the diet of your child:

For very small amounts of egg, you can buy cookies: most egg-based products indicate the percentage of egg-content on the package. There are all sorts of cake recipes that you can cook as muffins; take recipes with a low egg content at first and then, as your child's tolerance increases, take recipes with higher egg content. You can also cook a thick pancake (1 egg, 100g flour, a pinch of salt, some milk) filled with ham, or spinach, or apples, or raisins.

If you have any tricks to share on the reintroduction of foods, please send them to me!

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